Biofibre, is an alternative hair implant technique, if individual has less donor hair or has less frequency and density. By the way this technique is suitable for the individuals who are completely bald. Biofibre is a kind of artificial hair, which is CE Certified for an alternative solution in hair transplantation. Biofibre is made by inert materials and well tolerated by skin tissue. It also resists flexing, by the way it doesn’t break and becomes an alternative long lasting aesthetic effect as well as removal of it; if it is needed. Biofibre has a special (expert made) reversible knot, which becomes permanent implant, nevertheless if desired; it can be reversible. Biofibre has different variations of natural colors and also different styles and lengths. (wavy, curly, straight..)

If biofibre is decided to be applied;
The color must be chosen according to the remaining hair of the individual.
First 100 biofibres should be implanted, to test the reaction of the skin.
After one week, if it is tolerated (it is commonly tolerated) fibres are planted in a single session (if desired under anesthesia).
After operation, the individual may go on his/her daily routine.
Mostly 2500 biofibres are enough for instant result.