Body Hair Transplantation

The first priority of hair transplantation is to have the right grefts from hairy zones. Mostly adequate within 2 or 3 transplantation session, however sometimes donor grefts should not be adequate .In this occasion grefts should be taken from chest, dorsal side and also beard.
Frequent Asked Questions about Body Hair Transplantation :
  • Is the frequency of hairy zones avaliable to take grefts from chest, dorsal side and also beard?
These parts may not consist similiar grefts as head. At this point operation plan must be done carefully. Decisions of operational plans should be sensitively taken.
  • Should there be scars on my body where the grefts are taken?
The grefts should be taken by tissiues arround the roots. By the way there my be small, tolerable scars. But healing duration should be faster.
  • Are the grefts taken from body, in the same form with grefts taken from head?
Grefts taken from body do not have similar thickness as taken from head. Mostly they are used to have more frequency in hair.
  • Should I have pain?
According to hairy zones, sensitivity may be further more within pain. At this point were commend the operation with sedation.