Considerations on the hair line

Hair transplantation ; no doubtly, is the best choice in alopecia.  The popularity of hair transplantation increased in recent years, by developing techniques and technology.
One of the main thing in hair transplantaion is structuring the  fore head front line which is very important.
What we should have to care on structuring hair line?
  • Hair front line must be calculated by fore head line.
  • Hair front line must be calculated according to the proportion of face (fore head, nose and chin)
  • Hair front line must be calculated according to the age of individual, and to estimated future alopesic areas.
  • The holes of hair grefts should not be drilled straight, should be naturally simetrical to hair front line.
  • 1 haired grefts should be located on hair front line and thin holes must be drilled.
  • Grefts should be located near individuals own hair;  on the temporal sides, by the way near future alopecia should be tolerated.
If hair line is unsuccessful, the whole operation will be effected negatively. Even if  the frequency and the density of hair is better then expected after operation, with an asymetrical hair front line, the result should not be satisfactory.