Is micropigmentation, a kind of tatoo?
By micropigmentation technique, hair skin is not stained like tatooing. The aim is to make a visual scene of hair follicules. The duration of this application is between 6-10 years, not just like a permanent tatoo.
Does micropigmentation technique have a side-effect?
The application can be done with a special application machine with small and special neddles located. This needle is used by each individual, on the other words private. The process is done in hygenic platform and is up to individual; by the way each needle is disposible for medical hygenie. So there is no side-effect.
What is the feature of the organic stain?
The stain used for micropigmentation, is organic based root stains. Has no allergic side effects and may have variations according to skin color.
Must hair be shortened before application?
No need to shorten hair. But after application you may shorten your hair, it is up to you.
Should there be traces or scars after application?
After the application there may be erythema on the scalp 1 or 1 and a half day.
And also there would be no scar or trace.
What should I have to care before application?
It is better not have Vitamin C, anti-agregans and also alcohol.
What should I have to care after application?
The applied zone should not be contacted with water for a week. For 3 days Vitamin C and anti-agregans forbidden. And also hard sport activities.
When should I do hair shadowing?
When hair loss started and the individual have partial alopecia on head; it can be done. And also a very efficient method for renovating scars on head.
May I have an exact vibrancy on my hair after hair shadowing?
Application is done according to alopesic zone and according to vibrancy demand of individual. After first application, 1 or 1 and half months later, a cover is mad efor exact result if it is needed.