FUE & FUT Scar Restoration

FUT Technique (Follicular Unit Transplantation) , is applied successfully for many years. The zone between to ears, that the hair zone without the potential of  hair loss, was surgerically taken out and seperated into small grefts. Then the grefts should be located on to target zones. On the zone that tissue taken, there may be a loss of sensation, tension on the skin and also a scar.
Because of the disadvantages of FUT Technique, FUE Technique is discovered and develeoped. The individuals who used FUT Technique, have no loss of sensation, tension on skin. Increased donor area can be able to use, by the way the individual may have more numbers of grefts up to 5000.
Both by FUT Technique and FUE Technique the grefts are located to the drills.
Even if both techniques are managed to be done;
  • The evaluation of hairline must be done according to the golden ratio of the individual.
  • The hair line must be evaluated according to age.
  • The possible future hair loss should be evaluated.
  • The direction of the holes drilled by the operatör must be parallel to skin and must be in the right direction.
Nevertheless if these factors can not be managed, most individuals have un satisfactory results.
At this point, hair restoration becomes prior. By hair restoration,
  • Inharmonious hair line should be revised.
  • Frequency of hair line should be increased.
  • The zone between transplanted hair and hair should be filled.
  • Scar zones should be revised.