FUE & FUT Transplantation Restoration

Hair transplantation is an operation, done by many years. Lots of different transplantation methods experienced, by the way hair transplantated individuals numbers increased day by day.
The operation experience still goes on, and the expectations of operation excellence increases. By the increasing number of transplantation operation, most expectations can be overcomed.
FUT hair transplantation technique, is experienced for many years.
At FUT technique, operation, a tissue of skin was taken from the back side of head; divided into grefts and lthe grefts are located operationally. Scared tissue was combined by sewing ; after two weeks the sewings were taken out. A huge  scar at the back side of the head  apperared because of the operation and the medical sewing.  Commonly most individual experienced FUT technique are aware of this scar and can have a desiring hair style according to scar. This scar can be visually shadowed by micropigmentation technique.
Another common variation of hair transplantation FUE technique, is to take each grefts, from both temporal and back side of the head. Bu in FUE technique, the drilling machine must be expertly use inorder to have small scars in head.
But even if the candidate individual has less donor hair in head; both FUE technique and micropigmentation can be used for instant results.