FUE Hair Transplantation

Today people can over come their problems, more easily by technological facilities. Many things seem not be over comed by difficulties, can be solved such as drinking water; and these things are not permitted to complicate individuals’ life. Even if hair loss seems to be an unsolvable problem, today the hair loss can be easily be eliminated and the individual may have healthy hair and may live their past years hairy performance. FUE technique is most effective hair transplantation method in recent years. This demanding method, helps lots of people and by the way hair loss becomes a preventable aesthetic disorder.
The Advantages of FUE TransplantTechnique
The algorithmic logic of FUE Transplantation Technique, is to take one by one; each hair root within the high quality of  donor hair; and to relocate each the hair root into hairless area into professionally drilled holes. The main advantage of this tecnique is not to have no scars at the back side of patient’s head (cranium) by local anesthesia.
By the ancient technique FUT; a tissue taken from back side of the head (cranium) and the scared tissues are stitched. After two weeks these wings should be medically taken. After taking these wings, there should be an evident scar trace , long term numbness at back side of head and tension.Another advantage of FUE Transplantation Technique is to give chance to take the greft number , the indiviual's need. At FUT Transplantation Technique, the taken tissue from head; must be divided into grefts. After that operation , the transplantation process could be started. But in FUE Transplantation Technique, the exact needed number of grefts should be taken and very minimal tension, numbness can be seen.