Hair Line Looser Individuals

Hair line loosers have hair front lines up to vertex which feel themselves older and uncomfortable. The front line must be based from the middle of two brows and must be marked from outer sides of brows. Hair front line style, differs from individual to individual.
Hair line must be calculated within forehead, middle of brows, middle of brows-nose, nose-chin ratio. And also senescence factors must be based. Otherwise, hair transplantion operation should not fit the individual and can easily be understood by others.
Approximately in 2000-2500 grefted hair transplantation plan, hair line transplantation must be done by 1 haired grefts and must be frequent. And also temporal sides must be planned inorder to have a bad view by years. Possible alopesic areas must be transplanted.1 year later, ıt is possible to make another operation, due to healing.