Hair Micropigmentation Techniques

If individual could not prevent the hair loss at the first period, it would turn out to be baldness. Especially genetic factors, stress and hormonal differences may cause alopecia. At this point, some different solutions can be found but, it turns out to be more satisfactory result by different budgets. Not only with hair transplantation, hair shadowing should be a potantial and economical alternative for hair solutions.
Hair Shadowing, for long lasting solution..
By the way, scalp micropigmentation is a solution in this field, with topical anaesthesics by drilling small holes and to give a hairy effect as hair follicules. Within 6 years approximate lasting application, individual may have bald parts of head with a hair look, and also is an alternate to overcome scar traces, ringworm or visual disorders. After application the hair seems more healty and more frequent.