Hair Transplantation

For many years hair loss is one of the biggest problems that individuals are looking for at any age of age. By improving technologies, individuals may be able to find alternative solutions. Especially, hair loss in adolescence may cause psychological problems and beneath serious mental problems. By the years, hair loss may cause negative effects on individuals' social life and career.
With hair transplantation, baldness turns out to be individual'destiny. In recent years by improving hair transplantation techniques, the results are deeply satisfying. Especially the follicles taken from the back of the head are located in the alopecic zones. The process and application need a profession and attention. And it is a must to be a qualified clinic with professionals. And the individuals have to choose such clinics and professionals.
There are great numbers of clinical researches done to prevent hair loss within years. The first priority of these studies is for individuals to work in the private practice of lotions, serums and such products can be used in daily practice. Supporting treatments, shampoos, oral tablets are available from pharmacies and herbalists. Mesotherapy, ozone therapy and PRP are the most advanced choices for hair loss. GRP and stem-cell applications are improved versions of PRP.
In recent years stem-cell technology will give us the maximum number of hair follicles and will prevent alopecia.