Hair Transplantion Planning

Hair transplantion is to plant healhty hair follicules on to alopesic areas of the individual.
The planning period is very important in hair transplantion.
There are some facts, that may change the direction of the operation, the wrong determinations may negatively effect the operation.
That’s why the operator and individual has to take care the facts before operation.
  • The age of the individual.
  • Genetic alopecia type in family.
  • The frequency of donor area.
  • The width of alopesic part.
  • Possible alopesic zone determination.
  • If there is a distinct hair front line, location should be done from vertex to front linet o have volume.
  • If individual has hairy zones, hair densification must be carefully done and the other hairy zones must be preserved.
  • By having huge numbers of hair grefts, the nutricition of hair should not be sufficient. And also not to forget scars. This may lead theindividual to other hair transplantation operations.
While hair transplanting you should have to care all the facts for an efficient results.