Individuals with Hair Loss

Generally according to the genetic factors, individuals may have hair loss when they were in early ages. It is absolutely expected that the hair loss from head may make individual feel anxious.
When the individuals try  lots of solutions, even could not manage, then hair transplantation becomes priority. Approximately 3000-3500 hair grefts should be planned to locate and the operation plan must be excellent fort he individuals feelings
Hair front line must be determined within forehead, middle of brows, middle of brows-nose, nose-chin ratio. And also senescence factors mut be based.
Otherwise, hair transplantion operation should not fit the individual and can easily be understood by others.
Approximately in 2000-2500 grefted hair transplantation plan, front line transplantation must be done by 1 haired grefts and must be frequent.
And also temporal sides must be planned inorder to have a bad view by years. Possible alopesic areas must be transplanted. 1 year later, ıt is possible to make another operation, due to healing.
For many years, hair transplantation results supposed to be insufficient . But by develeoping Technologies, it became the first choice.
The journey of hair transplantation, started with FUT technique, and then FUE technique became prior. And according to the clinical surveys, 90 percent of  hair transplanted individual feel themselves satisfactory after operations.