Men who are faced with genetic reasons  have hair loss and hair loss increases day by day. Under hair prp article; in irreversible hair loss, PRP is a technique, is done by applications of injections by taken from individiual’s own blood seperated materials to his own scalp skin. By this process, the body is faced with own defence mechanisms. By the way renoavation should be quick and in a manner which brings success.
What are the effects?
By this technique, hair loss should be prevented. The process of individuals own defending mechanism should help the renovation process more proper. Has no side effects, and revitalise the damaged hair roots and follicules. By short time of renovation time, process should be friendly in use.
How it is applied?
Blood samples are taken from the individual who has hair loss. Red cells are taken from the blood. White cells are injected gently to scalp. In the applicated zones the body tissue starts to renovate itself. The disorders of problemed follicules become healthy. This may have a positive effect on hair loss. After hair transplantation, this technique should support the success of hair transplantation.