To Whom Micropigmentation Technique Can Be Done

Micropigmentation technique should be done just as hair transplantation indications, alopesic areas manipulation and hair loss. But the application technique of micropigmentation differs from hair transplantation technique,in short circumstances and the results should be very successful. Micropigmentation tecnique can also be applied to enriching hair transplants, to interrupt the FUT scars, to enrich beards and moustache and especially for the individuals who want hair transplant in a later time period.
To whom can shadowing technique be done?
  • To the individuals whom hair loss recently started and feels themselves uncomfortable.
  • To the individuals who want to postpone the hair transplantation.
  • To the individuals who had a transplantation before but not satisfied.
  • To the individuals who has scars on any part of his/her head with FUE&FUT technique hair tarnsplantation.
  • To the individuals who has dermal illness and alopesic zones.
  • To the individuals who has lack of moustache and beard.
  • To the individuals who has lack of hair by climacteric and hormonal change in pergnancy.
Micropigmentation technique is a advised and supported modal. Micropigmentation technique,consists of 1-3 hours processing duration. The application should be permanent up to 6 years